FireProof Now Works with Microsoft ISA Server

Radware announced today that its FireProof product now works with Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server. The hardware-based product provides realtime load balancing, high availability, and clustering. FireProof supports up to 100 active ISA servers for fault tolerance and optimization of network traffic.

"The need for high availability, scalability, and secure solutions are critical in today's business environments," said Roy Zisapel, Radware's president and CEO. "Microsoft and Radware have worked together to ensure compatibility between the robust features and benefits of each product line."

Software load-balancing algorithms monitor the servers' load and dynamically redistribute inbound and outbound network traffic. The solution lets administrators transparently insert or remove servers into clusters for maintenance and updates without affecting end-users. FireProof also monitors the path between ISA servers and any point-of-access routers and is capable of redistributing traffic based on the performance of those paths.

"With Radware's FireProof, businesses can use Radware's load-balancing solutions with ISA Server for scalable, reliable, and secure business-to-business internetworking," said Nevet Basker, Microsoft director of business development for ISA Server.

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