Firefox 2.0 Badly Broken?

I'm about to lose my patient with Firefox 2.0. It's seems badly broken and I wonder if these symptoms are happening to anyone else? While casually browsing pages, suddenly all browser activity stops completely. Firefox acts as if it has lost the network connection. Of course the network isn't down so it is definitely something wrong inside Firefox 2.0. Best I can determine at this point is that it happens when Firefox is internally loading a page with URLs from multiple different sites, or possibly when URLs are being redirected somehow. I haven't nailed it down specifically yet. It just stops right in the middle of loading a page and no other tabs will allow activity at that point. The only solution is to exit the browser. And it won't even exit clean. I have kill the process manually. This did not occur with Firefox 1.5.x, and honestly, I'm tempted to delete it and load another browser. I've had to kill the firefox.exe process three times today already and I've only been online for 3 hours. Anybody else having problems with the latest release?

TAGS: Security
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