Finnish Company Eve Wants Your Input on Their Project Pyramid Flipper Device Eve Tech

Finnish Company Eve Wants Your Input on Their Project Pyramid Flipper Device

I know we have some very tech savvy readers at the SuperSite for Windows.

Reading your comments both here and on social media show that you have very distinct view points on technology and what you expect it to do for you.

Well, how would you like a chance to impact the development of a new Windows 10 device that will come to market this summer?

Eve, the Finnish company that broke the mold on cheap plastic tablets last year with their Windows 8.1 based Eve T1 tablet (see our unboxing and review articles to catch up) has decided they want to disrupt the device market once again.

Project Pyramid Flipper is a new Windows 10 tablet, targeting a release date this summer, that will be built from the ground up in a whole new way.

The method Eve plans to use is a community developed device by working through five milestones and discussions including:

  1. Design
  2. Specs
  3. Features
  4. Prototyping
  5. Pre-order

The design stage is already being discussed at Eve's Community site. As of today the form factor has been selected and will be a tablet first approach instead of laptop style design. They are now discussing the screen support mechanism and a kickstand, magnetic or customized case are among the options available.

Head on over to the discussion if you want to get started with the continuing design process.

I asked Eve's CEO and Co-Founder Konstantinos Karatsevidis why they are asking for the communities input on this devices design and about the challenge of bringing together everyone's input:

"Basically we thought it would be a problem and at first it seems like it can't work out but actually people agree on the most of things because nobody wants a bad screen or low RAM. Our goal is to develop an amazing device full of features that users want. After that our goal is to make it available at the most affordable price possible.

When we launched T1 we realized that we can be always around 30-40% cheaper than our competitors due to online only sales and low marketing expenses.  We have a very specific target audience of tech enthusiasts that participate in the development so they are all on the same page regarding specs.

It turns out that when like minded people work together, great devices can be created."

He also said this is all about producing the devices people want to use while avoiding the big corporate overhead that is inherent in the business:

"We are humbled by the success we’ve had so far, but if nothing else comes out of Eve, I hope that our team and community show that tech-people can and should get the devices they desire, without corporate nonsense and bloated price tags."

If the Eve T1 device is any indicator of their manufacturing ability then Project Pyramid Flipper will likely be a device that the tech savvy will want to have on their desk.

I am looking forward to watching this design process moved along and eventually getting our review unit to see how well things go with this unique design process.

Are you planning on joining the Eve community in the design of Project Pyramid Flipper?

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