Finding a Replacement Charger for the Surface Pro

Finding a Replacement Charger for the Surface Pro

We have five of the original Surface Pro's in use in our house. How that happened is a long story, but suffice to say they all get significant use by my wife and kids. We have four kids, so the older three each have their own, my wife has hers, and I have a spare for testing purposes. Right now, my personal Surface Pro is being utilized for keeping up on the latest Windows 10 Builds. Windows 10 works great on it, by the way.

As you know, my daily driver is the Surface Pro 3, and unlike some of you (you know who you are) I will not install a beta Build on it. I have enough work to do without having to throw my hands up every time a Windows 10 beta feature stops me from being productive. So, thankfully, the original Surface Pro is available.

With so many of the devices in the house, you have to expect problems, particularly with the power adapter. My youngest son would lose his head if it were not attached, and he's the first one I blame when a TV remote goes missing. He's lost his Surface Power adapter three times that we know of – how many times he didn't admit it is unknown, but I'm sure there are many. After using Sherlock-like deductive skills, we can eventually figure out where he left it – usually at a friend's house. So, that, along with general wear-and-tear, means I need options for replacing the power brick, or having extras on-hand in case a cord gets sliced accidentally (which it has).

Recently, Microsoft stopped selling the power supply for the original Surface Pro. I'm not sure exactly when that was, but only discovered it recently during our last missing adapter drama. Microsoft's online store just says, "no longer available." So, what to do?

For me, any scenario like this warrants an immediate click to What I found and what I received, is a functional power supply for the Surface Pro. It's not anything amazing like Microsoft's original, but it works and it's only around $15.00.

You can get it here: VicTec Wall Charger AC Adapter Power Supply Cable For Microsoft Surface 10.6 Windows 8 Pro

It does have a single drawback. Though it works wonderfully for supplying power to the Surface Pro, it does not have the integrated USB charging port that the original power adapter included. I don't count that as a huge loss, just as long as it works and fills my needs – and it does.

Incidentally, the same company also provides one for the Surface Pro 3 and is only $29.99 versus Microsoft's $79.99. Unlike the one for the original Surface Pro, this one does offer the integrated USB charging port, though it has a bit different configuration than the original:

The Surface Pro 3 version is available here:

VicTec Wall Charger AC Power Adapter For Surface Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet PC Windows 8 - 12V 2.5A

So, there you go. Nice to know there are options. I ended up ordering four of the Surface Pro versions and I'm positive I'll be ordering the Surface Pro 3 version in the future. My only fear is that if my youngest son realizes I have extras, his carelessness could get worse.


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