File Sync, Backup, and the Pauli Effect

Product aims to simplify file synchronization

Next time your Help desk people look ready to reach out and strangle the user on the other end of the phone, consider the Pauli Effect. It’s a term named after an Austrian theoretical physicist named Wolfgang Pauli and refers to the mysterious failure of technical equipment in the presence of certain people.

Pauli’s presence, unfortunately, seemed to guarantee that his colleagues’ experiments would fail due to technical issues. It happened so often that he was actually banned from the lab of another physicist.

Short of banning certain people from the network, you might want to consider a file synchronization tool that lets you do data backup and restore, picking and choosing files and folders to synchronize or back up—thus keeping the files of these “Pauli-Effect people” safe and accessible. GoodSync Enterprise lets you do a silent installation on employee workstations so that end-user files are locally available, yet also always current on a centralized company server. Its command-line capabilities and task scheduler help you create and run sync jobs, and its job templates let you preprogram the most frequently run jobs. For more information see Siber Systems GoodSync.

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