File-Compression Tool - 09 Sep 2003

WinZip Computing's WinZip outdistanced its competitors to take the Best File-Compression Tool award. If you're a Windows user and you use the Internet, you've surely taken advantage of this ubiquitous utility.

Using .zip files saves time and space, and the files let you download software and transfer email attachments quickly and easily. Typical uses for .zip files include distributing electronic files from FTP sites, bulletin boards, and electronic services such as CompuServe; sending groups of related files to coworkers; and archiving infrequently used files to save storage space. WinZip simplifies these types of archiving for Windows users.

WinZip gives you an intuitive point-and-click drag-and-drop interface for viewing, running, extracting, adding, deleting, and testing archived files. Supported file formats include compressed cabinet format (.cab), .tar, .gzip, UUencode, BinHex, and MIME, as well as .arj, .lzh, and .arc when you use external programs. Version 8.1 introduces an optional WinZip Wizard for beginners to simplify the process of zipping, unzipping, and installing software distributed in .zip files.

WinZip Computing
Mansfield, Connecticut
952-253-8488 or
Starts at $29 for a single-user license
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