Exporting and Importing Information from DFS

A. You can import or export a DFS namespace by using the DFSUTIL command that is part of the Windows Server 2003 support tools. To do so, use the following command:

C:\Documents and Settings\john>dfsutil /root:\\savilltech.net\shared /export:shared.xml
Once exported, the XML can be imported into another namespace using this command (the namespace must exist prior to importing):

C:\Documents and Settings\john>dfsutil /root:\\savilltech.net\test /import:shared.xml /set

Microsoft(R) Windows(TM) Dfs Utility Version 4.2
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1991-2005. All Rights Reserved.

Backup of \\SAVILLTECH\test before modifications being written to SAVILLTECH.test.dfsutil.backup.09.07.2007.
Update Statistics: Number of Apis 21
Links: Added 11 Deleted 0 Modified 10
Targets: Added 11 Deleted 0 Modified 0
Root: Attributes Modified 0

Done processing this command. 
TAGS: Windows 8
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