Excel and Outlook Automation Resources

You can gain a grounding in the automation of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook by reviewing several articles I've written in Windows Scripting Solutions and Windows 2000 Magazine. On the Windows Scripting Solutions Web site, you can find the articles:
  • "Graphing Windows 2000 User Logons with Excel 2000," May 2000, InstantDoc ID 8601
  • "Using WSH withg ADSI to Create Excel Spreadsheets for Debugging," April 2000, InstantDoc ID 8385
  • "Automating Excel to Create Trend Charts," March 2000, InstantDoc ID 8186
  • "Automate Outlook Messaging," December 1998, InstantDoc ID 4657
  • On the Windows 2000 Magazine Web site, you can find the article
  • "Generating Deployment Reports," March 2000, InstantDoc ID 8054
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