Even HTC 8S Included in Latest Windows Phone 8.1 Update

Even HTC 8S Included in Latest Windows Phone 8.1 Update

In a reversal, not only is the HTC 8X getting Developer Preview love, but the 8S is also on the list of approved handsets.

Yesterday, Build 8.10.14176 of Windows Phone 8.1 started rolling out to qualified developers who are part of the preview program. And, when I say "developers," I actually mean anyone that has the Developer Preview app installed on their Windows Phone and has joined the program. It would be interesting to see stats of those choosing to install early mobile OS beta bits but are not true developers.

The latest update brings fixes. Microsoft believes it has finally solved the 80188308 installation error, which related to handsets running out of storage space in the system partition required to install correctly. There will still be some smartphones with inadequate space, but Microsoft is providing a special page instructing users on how to clear up more storage space which includes deleting or moving apps and data. For Nokia Lumia users, Microsoft says the error might pop-up during installation in some cases, and that can be fixed by running the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to reset the device first.

And, of course, as we heard yesterday, the HTC 8X driver issues have also been resolved. But, unexpectedly, Microsoft has also promised that the HTC fix is also available for the 8S model. This is a bit surprising, but certainly satisfying for 8S owners, considering even HTC suggested that the 8S would not be upgradeable.

I've heard from 8X users who have already received and installed the update, but I've not heard from a single 8S owner. So, while Microsoft has made it possible to install on the 8S, could HTC be holding its stance on supportability? If you're an 8S owner and have also received the update, let me know.

And, finally, the latest Windows Phone 8.1 update paves the way for more Lumia device to receive the Lumia Cyan update over the next few weeks.

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