Easily create UEFI Windows 10 USB bootable sticks

Easily create UEFI Windows 10 USB bootable sticks

Q. What is an easy way to create UEFI bootable Windows USB sticks?

A. Previously I have wrote articles involving diskpart and xcopy which while they work are fairly complex. I have recently started to use a new tool, Rufus that does not even has to be installed on a device (the exe can be directly executed) that will take an ISO and write to USB as MBR (BIOS) or GPT (UEFI) format.

Download Rufus from http://rufus.akeo.ie/ and you can use the portable version (that does not require the installation). Execute and then select your USB device, select GPT for UEFI, FAT32 and select you ISO. Click Start and very quickly you will have a UEFI bootable Windows deployment.

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