Duke Acquires MCSE Tutor

This week, Duke Communications, a Penton Technnology Media company that publishes Windows 2000 Magazine as well as WinInfo Daily UPDATE and the SuperSite for Windows, announced the acquisition of MCSE Tutor, Jon Bischke's free Web resource for Microsoft-based training and certification. The acquisition brings four new Web sites into the Windows 2000 Magazine Network, including MCSE Tutor, 2000 Tutor, MCSE Live, and 2000 Exams.

"The MCSE Tutor acquisition is a strategic move to expand our reach within the training and certification audience," says Bart Taylor, group publisher at Duke Communications. "The self-study exams and strong sense of community developed on the MCSE Tutor sites is a perfect complement to our already popular training and certification channel and e-newsletter."
The addition of MCSE Tutor brings the Windows 2000 Magazine Network's total monthly page views to more than 9 million, for a total audience of more than one million unique visitors each month. More than 425,000 unique email newsletter subscribers further extend the Network audience. Penton Media, which recently purchased Duke Communications as an independent subsidiary, focuses on trade shows such as Internet World, as well as market-focused magazines, conferences, and Web sites.

TAGS: Windows 8
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