DTS Demonstrates DTS-HD Master Audio at CES

At the 2006 International CES, DTS will premiere DTS-HD Master Audio, the company's high-definition (HD) surround-sound solution for next-generation HD media. This marks the first public demonstration of HD video content shown in conjunction with 7.1 discrete channels of surround sound that is bit-for-bit identical to the master soundtrack. Previously announced as DTS-HD, DTS-HD Master Audio has been selected as an option in the standards for the upcoming Blu-ray and HD-DVD media formats.

Presented in 1080p super HD video, the CES demo will include clips of major Hollywood feature films, concert videos, and music videos seen and heard for the first time in both HD video and audio.

In addition to producing audio that is identical to the master soundtrack and having 7.1-channel discrete sound capability, DTS-HD Master Audio is also compatible with existing-generation equipment and can deliver a significant increase in sound quality when consumers play the next-generation discs and players through their current A/V equipment. DTS-HD Master Audio is an extension of Coherent Acoustics, which is the digital codec upon which all of DTS' audio technologies in the consumer electronics space are based, and was built from design to be highly flexible in anticipation of future requirements and applications.

DTS-HD Master Audio is expected to launch in a variety of the new HD players and A/V receivers planned for introduction throughout 2006 from major manufacturers.

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