Drivers Harvester - Command Line Tool for Collecting OEM System Drivers


Some of you may already be familiar with this command line tool because it has been around since November of 2013 but I thought since it received a recent update it would be a good time to remind you about it and introduce it to new users.

Drivers Harvester was created by Alex Semibratov from Microsoft and according to the original blog post about it from 05 November 2013, it was built to fill a need identified by a colleague to grab drivers from a running computer.

By the way - that blog post also has the download link for Drivers Harvester.

The simple command line tool has been updated a couple of times in 2015 and now as 2016 is coming to a close the author has given the tool another small tweak.

The usage instructions are very straightforward:


with no parameters will ask you for a directory where to save drivers

HarvestDrivers.exe -d "Full path"

will capture drivers and save them to target directory.

Just change the directory name in the quotes after -d to choose your own directory name.

When you run this command line tool it will create two sub-folders:

  • LoadedOEMDrivers - any drivers that are loaded into memory
  • OtherOEMDrivers - the remaining OEM drivers that are not loaded into memory and older driver versions.

Check out the gallery to see screenshots of my use of the tool on my own desktop system.


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