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Dr.Batcher Tool Now Supports .BAT to .EXE Conversion

Mental Works Computing Software, a provider of computing tools for PC users, has released Dr.Batcher 2.1, the latest version of this tool for creating and editing batch files. Notable in version 2.1 is new support for converting batch files into Windows executables (.exe files). This capability simplifies the process of distributing batch files, which otherwise would require additional third-party scripts or console applications to be run, as well as often require users to unpack the contents of files if the .bat file is in a zipped folder. Dr.Batcher 2.1 lets you avoid this situation by converting a batch script and all additional files to a single .exe file.

Dr.Batcher 2.1 comes with a wizard that enables the user to create executable file in a few mouse clicks. You can encrypt the output .exe file to protect it from reverse engineering. the product lets you create batch files running in two different modes: console--where the batch file is being executed as an ordinary console application--and invisible, where it runs "silently," producing no output to the screen. Users can include any number of additional scripts, applications, and other files in the .exe file.

Other improvements in Dr.Batcher 2.1 include a new auto-update wizard, support for automatically saving execution output to a log file specified by user and an updated Help system.

Dr.Batcher is priced at $39.95 for a single user, with volume discounting available. A free trial version is also available. For more information, go to the Dr.Batcher website.

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