Download All TechEd Europe 2014 Content for Viewing This Weekend

Download All TechEd Europe 2014 Content for Viewing This Weekend

If you were not able to attend the very last TechEd ever, TechEd Europe, this year, or attended but couldn't consume everything that was presented, or even just want to relive parts of the week long event, you'll be glad to know that there's now an option to store all the content offline for viewing and consuming later on.

Each year, for every Microsoft event, there's someone that will supply a community infused solution to be able to download PowerPoint decks and videos. This year, the first to supply such a solution is Hyper-V MVP, is Niklas Akerlund.

Niklas has supplied a PowerShell script that will download TechEd Europe 2014 content, and in doing so offers a great solution for offline knowledge and provides some valuable PowerShell techniques to learn.

Download the script from the TechNet Gallery: Download TechEd Europe 2014 content with PowerShell using BITS

You can report bugs, make suggestions, or provide feedback directly to Niklas on this page of his blog: Using PowerShell to download Teched Europe 2014 content


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