Ditch Windows XP and Get $50, 90 Days Free Support, and Free Data Transfer

Ditch Windows XP and Get $50, 90 Days Free Support, and Free Data Transfer

With less than 30 days left before Windows XP expires, it's time for Microsoft to pull out all the stops. Actually, maybe the company should've considered a more aggressive dump Windows XP campaign months ago, but, you can't fault it for trying to ramp up the coverage now. Just like a scene from Spinal Tap, the company is turning the amp up to 11.

Just this month, Microsoft deployed pop-up warnings to Windows XP users through Windows Update, and permanently placed similar warnings in the next release of Security Essentials.

Now, Microsoft is finally putting unveiling a promotion to entice the Windows XP holdouts to do something before the April 8, 2014 deadline.

The promotion, detailed on a Microsoft Store web site, offers those that buy a new PC with Windows 8.x from the page a $50 digital gift card, 90 days of free premium support (phone, chat), and reiterates the Laplink partnership we told you about on March 3rd where a free application download can help with transferring data to the newly purchased PC.

A few caveats. First, the digital gift card can only be redeemed online. Second, the deal is only good for 1 PC purchase. And, third, the offer is only good until April 30, 2014.

If, somehow, you're just now learning about your copy of Windows XP expiring, there's also information on the page to educate on what end of support means.

Here's the deal:  Windows XP support is ending

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