Developer Product Releases: JNBridge Pro 4.0

JNBridge, the company with products that connect .Net apps with Java apps either in the same process or across the network, announces JNBridge Pro 4.0. Plug-ins in the new version allow developers to work with .NET classes from within the Eclipse IDE, and they allow developers to work with Java classes from within the Visual Studio IDE.

Wayne Citron, CTO of JNBridge, said in an interview today that they added the new IDE plug-ins in response to customer feedback. Citron noted that it's "less disruptive" for developers to stay within the IDE rather use an outside tool. “Our focus has always been to make Java and .NET interoperability as easy and simple-to-use as possible,” Citrin explained. “The Eclipse and Visual Studio plug-ins in JNBridgePro 4.0 make interop just another project in the build cycle. Developers can keep working in their development environment, yet have full access to the other side.”

In addition, JNBridge Pro 4.0 includes 64-bit support and data compression.

TAGS: Windows 8
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