Developer Preview Users Getting New Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Build ... And Cyan!

Developer Preview Users Getting New Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Build ... And Cyan!

Even HTC 8X and 8S users are getting some good news

No word yet on exactly which devices are impacted, but Microsoft reports today that it has begun rolling out a new build of Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1—and, more crucially, the long-awaited Lumia Cyan firmware update (for Lumia devices)—to members of the Windows Phone Preview for Developers program. So if you do have a Windows Phone handset that's on the Developer Preview, check for updates today and for the next few days. You may get lucky.

I assume most people impacted by the issues with getting Cyan on Developer Preview-updated phones are up on what's happening. If not, be sure to check out Microsoft Fixes Dev Preview Issues, Releases Cyan to Some Lumia Models in US, Germany for the explanation. Long story short, a lot of Lumia users who did apply the Developer Preview were unable to get the public release of the Windows Phone 8.1 OS update, which includes the Cyan firmware. (And then of course the Developer Preview program moved forward to Update 1.) And Microsoft has been working to fix that.

But it's not just Lumia users. Those with HTC 8X and HTC 8S phones have also been unable to use the Developer Preview to update to 8.1 with Update 1.

So while it's not time to pull out the party favors and celebrate quite yet, it does appear that Microsoft is finally getting ahead of both of these issues.

Here's what's happening.

There's a new build for Developer Preview users. If you are using the Developer Preview on your Windows Phone handset, check for updates: Build 8.10.14176 is starting to roll out today, Microsoft says. It provides "a bunch of performance improvements and general fixes" but no new features.

Cyan is starting to roll out to more Lumias today. If you are using the Developer Preview on your Nokia Lumia handset, check for updates: In addition to the new build, Microsoft is also rolling out the Lumia Cyan firmware update to more phones starting today. A lot more phones, I'm told, on a lot more carriers. But I don't have a list yet. I've asked for one. But Microsoft says it will "continue to add more Lumia devices every couple of days over the coming weeks until we bring everyone up to the latest."

HTC users can use the Developer Preview program now. Microsoft has fixed the issues that required it to prevent Developer Preview build installs on the HTC 8X and 8S. So if you are using such a device and want to upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1, you can do so now. Here are the instructions.

Cross your fingers and check for updates.

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