Denial of Service in ISC BIND 9

Reported June 5, 2002, by Internet Security Systems.



·         Internet Software Consortium’s BIND 9.0 to 9.2.1



A Denial of Service (DoS) condition exists in Internet Software Consortium’s BIND DNS software. This vulnerability stems from a logic error that exists in BIND that lets remote attackers cause the DNS server running ISC BIND 9.0 to 9.2.1 to fail, shut down, and manually restart. The dns_message_findtype() routine contains this DoS vulnerability. Under typical operating conditions, the rdataset variable is non-null. This exploit forces rdataset to be null, or empty, which causes an error and calls abort(), which shuts down the server.


The vendor, Internet Software Consortium, recommends that affected users either apply a patch supplied by an OEM or upgrade immediately to version 9.2.1.

Discovered by Internet Software Consortium.

TAGS: Security
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