Dell Clarifies Venue 11 Pro Recall

Dell Clarifies Venue 11 Pro Recall

Several weeks ago now, I made mention that some Dell Venue 11 Pro customers were being contacted directly by Dell to have their devices replaced. Customers were experiencing random freezes, shut downs and periodic losses of power. Since December 2013, Venue 11 Pro customers had taken to the Dell support forums complaining of the problems. And then in early May 2014, Dell started contacting customers to have the units replaced. It was evident that Dell had admitted there was a problem and was actively working to fix the issue.

Since then, things went dark, though many customers were still complaining of problems and wondering what it might take to get their own devices replaced.

Laura Thomas took to the Dell Corporate blog yesterday to explain the scenario.

According to Laura, only certain models of the Dell Venue 11 Pro have problems. Models 7130 and 7139 of the Venue 11 Pro tablet that shipped prior to March 1, 2014 are badly-behaved and Dell was able to identify most of the customers with these units and contact them directly for replacement. However, that doesn't mean that they were able to capture every single owner of those specific models, so Dell is giving a support number and a way to report your problems.

The full detail is supplied in Laura's post: They Got a New Venue 11 Pro. Why Didn’t I?

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