Deleting Win2K Pro from a Laptop

My notebook system runs Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 98 Second Edition (Win98SE). Several programs on the machine don't run well in Win2K Pro but run fine in Win98SE. How can I delete Win2K Pro from my machine?

The process is simple. Insert a blank 3.5" disk in the system and boot to Win98SE. At the command prompt, type

sys a:

This command automatically copies the necessary files to the 3.5" disk so that you can use it to boot to a Win98SE command prompt. Manually copy, fdisk.exe, and to the 3.5" disk.

Boot to the 3.5" disk. At the command prompt, type

sys c:

This command removes Windows NT Loader (NTLDR) as a boot-sector controller. Reboot to Win98SE (you'll have no other boot options). You can now remove any files that relate to Win2K Pro. I assume that Win2K Pro is on a separate logical disk, which you can remove. (The Microsoft article "How to Manually Remove Windows NT or Windows 2000" at discusses the details of file and partition removal.) You can use PowerQuest's PartitionMagic, which costs about $60, to expand the C partition.

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