Defragmentation Utility - 14 Sep 2004

Executive Software's Diskeeper 8.0 won the award for Best Defragmentation Utility handily, for the third time in 3 years. The solution drew kudos from readers, eliciting comments such as, "Great product," "It works, and it's easy to use," and, simply, "It's the best."

Diskeeper is an automatic defragmentation utility. The solution's "Set It and Forget It" technology enables continuous background defragmentation that's transparent to users and requires no administrator intervention. Diskeeper employs a high-speed engine and provides boot-time defragmentation of crucial system files, including the Master File Table (MFT) and paging file. The solution can run on multiple disk volumes at the same time with minimal resource consumption. Flexible scheduling options let administrators implement operation at specified times; the SmartScheduling option enables automatic defragmentation on an as-needed basis. Diskeeper generates alerts when it encounters potential data corruption and can send email messages that detail the problem and identify on which machine it occurs. The product is available in five specialized editions that target home and enterprise users.

Executive Software
818-771-1600 or 800-829-6468
2nd Place — Norton SystemWorks
3rd Place — Defrag Manager
Winternals Software
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