Defragmentation Utility - 09 Sep 2003

For the second time, Executive Software's Diskeeper 7.0 posts a decisive victory in the Best Defragmentation Utility category. Disk fragmentation can choke a busy server or workstation in a matter of hours. This industry-favorite software is a proactive solution that lets you ensure maximum performance and uptime.

Diskeeper's fast defragmentation engine and fully automatic "Set It and Forget It" mode have made the product the choice of corporate and home users for years. Diskeeper 7.0 Server Edition permits safe online defragmentation of busy servers and lets you push-install and schedule Diskeeper on remote workstations—all from the server console. Diskeeper even permits defragmentation of the paging and MFT files. By default, scheduled defragmentation sessions run in the background so that they're transparent to the user.

The faster Second Edition introduces a Smart Scheduling mode, which monitors your hard disk and schedules defragmentation accordingly. Installing Diskeeper in your environment is like hiring an employee to monitor disk performance 24 * 7.

Executive Software
Burbank, California
818-771-1600 or
Starts at $259.95 for the server edition and $49.95 for the workstation edition; volume discounts are available
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