The Data in Remote Storage" indicator is not correct, what can I do?

A. Windows 2000 has built-in support for removable media however over time the amount of data it thinks is offline can become inaccurate. It basically allows you to store data that is infrequently used to magnetic tape but still accessible.

This happens because a Validate Files job is not run every time files are migrated to off-line storage. When files are migrated to off-line storage, the "Data in Remote Storage" value is increased to reflect the correct amount. However, when files in off-line storage are deleted from the volume, this value is not decremented.

To fix this problem you can force a Validate Files job to run:

  1. Start the Remote Storage Administrators Snap-in, and then select Managed Volumes.
  2. Right-click the RSS-managed volume you want to run the Validate Files job on.
  3. On the context menu, point to All Tasks, and then click "Validate files". You will receive notification that Remote Storage will create the task, and you can then view its progress using the Task Scheduler. Click OK.
    Click here to view image

If you view the Remote Storage properties for the volume, the "Data In Remote Storage" value has been reset to 0, and is slowly increasing while files are being validated.

TAGS: Windows 8
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