Cyberlink Reveals WinXP Add-on Pricing, Availability

Cyberlink announced this week that in October, customers will be able to purchase the company's MP3 and DVD add-on packs for Windows XP from its Web site. The MP3 PowerEncoder, which will cost $9.95, lets users copy CD music in the popular MP3 format. And Cyberlink's PowerDVD SE product, which will cost $14.95, lets XP users play back DVD movies in Media Player for Windows XP (MPXP). Cyberlink will also offer the two add-ons in one package for only $19.95. Both packages will be available for download from the Cyberlink and Microsoft Web sites; Microsoft will market the products as the MP3 Creation Pack and DVD Decoder Pack add-on modules, respectively.

"It has been our pleasure to contribute our expertise in digital-video and audio formats in development of MP3 and DVD plug-ins for Windows XP," said Cyberlink CEO Alice H. Chang. "With the upcoming launch of Windows XP, CyberLink is delighted to introduce the latest additions to our product line up, the CyberLink Power Packs for Windows XP."

The MP3 PowerEncoder lets users copy (or "rip") CD music into high-quality, compressed MP3 format, at bit rates of 64Kbps, 96Kbps, 128Kbps, and 192Kbps. The software integrates directly into the MPXP Options dialog box and gives users a choice between Windows Media Audio (WMA) format and MP3. It also lets users create standard MP3 playlists in M3U format. And users can directly edit the ID3 tag in MP3 files to access metadata information such as artist name, album, and track number.

PowerDVD SE gives Windows XP users the video- and audio-playback performance of the full-featured version of PowerDVD at a lower cost. PowerDVD SE includes a standalone DVD player, but it also integrates with MPXP so consumers can use that program for DVD playback. PowerDVD SE supports Dolby Surround 2, scene access with a unique shuttle navigator feature, brightness and chrominance controls, and a dual subtitle feature.

For more information, visit the Cyberlink Web site.

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