Customize bullet styles

  1. Choose Format → Bullets and Numbering.

    The Bullets and Numbering dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Bulleted tab.

    There are seven bullet styles in the gallery, plus the None option, which removes bullets from selected text.

    Bullets and Numbering dialog box - Bulleted tab

    The Reset button allows you to reset a customized bullet style back to its default.


  3. Select a style that is not currently in use.
  4. Click Customize.

    The Customize Bulleted List dialog box appears.

    Customize Bulleted List dialog box

  5. Customize the list using the options in the dialog box. When you are finished, click OK.

Among the changes you can make in the Customize Bulleted List dialog box:

  • Set a Bullet position--the Indent at setting configures the distance between the left margin and the bullet.
  • Set the Text position--the distance between the bullet and the text. The Tab space after configures the position of the first line of the bulleted paragraph. The Indent at configures the distance between the left margin and the second and successive lines of a bulleted paragraph.
    The Tab space after and Indent at settings in the Text position section are typically set to be the same. You can experiment with the settings and use the preview to configure the bulleted list to your specifications.
  • Click Character to select a character for the bullet.

    The Wingdings font is particularly useful for providing decorative, high-impact bullets.

    Symbol dialog box

  • Click Font to change the font of the bullet. This is typically not necessary, but if you wanted to have a bullet that was a different color than the text next to it, or particularly large or small compared to the text, you might modify the font.
  • Click Picture to select a picture bullet. Picture bullets use small graphics as pictures, rather than characters from fonts.

    Picture Bullet dialog box

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