Creating a Slipstream Installation Directory

Here's a simple procedure for building a slipstream directory that installs Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 (SP2) on a new system. This example uses four directories:

  • C:\temp—contains the zipped SP2 download file
  • C:\sp—contains the expanded version of SP2 (You can substitute the SP2 CD-ROM for this directory.)
  • D:\i386—the \i386 directory of the original Win2K CD-ROM
  • E:\w2ksp2—the slipstream directory you're creating

On the command line, enter

c:\temp\w2ksp2.exe /x

to expand SP2 into C:\sp. Enter

md e:\w2ksp2

to create the slipstream directory. Enter

xcopy d:\i386 e:\w2kSP2\i386 /e

to copy the Win2K CD-ROM to the SP2 directory. Finally, enter

c:\sp\update\update.exe ­s:e:\w2ksp2

to copy SP2 into the slipstream directory.

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