Create text objects

Text objects are created with placeholders to which you add the content of your presentation. A text placeholder contains the bullet points that make up the message of the slide. Text objects are linked to the presentation outline. Changes to the outline appear in the slide and vice versa.

Text boxes, which are created using the Text Box tool on the Drawing toolbar, should not be used to contain the "body" of your presentation. Text boxes are meant to serve as graphic elements just as any other shape or picture. They just happen to contain text. You will use text boxes when you require a label as a graphic element.

To add a text object to a slide, you must apply a layout that includes Text from the Slide Layout task pane. Only a text placeholder creates a text object that is linked to the presentation outline.

  1. Create a new slide.
  2. Select a layout that includes Text, such as the Title and Text.

    Title and Text slide layout

  3. Click in the placeholder and enter your text.

As you enter text in a placeholder, you can leverage these keyboard shortcuts:

  • At the end of an existing bullet, press Enter to start the next bullet. Enter starts a new item at the same level as the previous bullet.
  • At the beginning of an existing bullet, press Tab to demote (make text a lower-level bullet point) or Shift+Tab to promote (make text a higher-level bullet).
    • You may need to press Tab or Shift+Tab several times to navigate through multiple bullet levels.
  • Shift+Enter starts a new line without starting a new bullet point. It inserts a line break.

To select a bullet:

  • Click the bullet itself and the text of that bullet, along with all of its sub-bullets, will be selected.

Once you've selected a bullet, you can move its content:

  • Re-order content by dragging the bullet up or down. A line will indicate where the content will "end up" when you drop.

    rearrange bullets on a slide

  • Promote or demote content by doing one of the following:
    • Press Tab to demote or Shift+Tab to promote the selected bullet.
    • Drag the bullet to the right (to demote) or to the left (to promote).
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