Create a table by drawing - 30 Oct 2007

You can draw a table using the Draw Table tools. Drawing a table is an effective way to create highly complex or freeform tables with a variety of column and row sizes. It is not recommended as a method for creating highly structured tables, where there are few or no merged cells.

To draw a table, first turn on the Tables and Borders toolbar, if it is not already visible.

For each part of the table you draw, you will follow these steps:

  1. Click the Draw Table button (the pencil). Draw Table button
  2. Select a line style, weight (width) and color.

    draw table tools

    To create a line (border) for a table, column, row, or cell that is invisible, select No Border from the Line Style drop-down list.
  3. Use that line to create a border.

You will create the outside of the table first, then create the columns and rows and cells:

  1. Click the Draw Table button and select a line style, then drag a rectangle that is the outside border of the table.
  2. Next, select line styles and drag to draw rows and columns. Repeat this step until all rows and columns are drawn.

    If you make a mistake, you can click the Eraser button and draw over an existing border to remove it. Eraser button

  3. Click the Draw Table button or press ESC when finished. This will exit the Draw Table mode.

You can reformat the table later by use the tools to draw over an existing border.

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