Coverage of PowerShell Basics Continues

As you might be aware, Windows IT Pro has been running the six-lesson "PowerShell 101" series by Robert Sheldon. This series covers PowerShell fundamentals for those people who are new to PowerShell or for those people who want to brush up on the basics. The "PowerShell 101" series concludes this month. The series is so popular that we'll be continuing it—look for the "PowerShell 201" series beginning in October.


Until the "PowerShell 201" series starts, you might want to check out some of other entry-level PowerShell articles that Windows IT Pro has run:


These Windows IT Pro VIP Exclusive articles are typically available to only VIP subscribers, but I've opened them up so that any registered user can view them. They'll be open to registered users through Sept. 12.


In case you haven't checked out the "PowerShell 101" series yet, here are the links to the six lessons:

 These articles are open to registered users.


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