Copy a worksheet as a kind of "template"

  1. Copy the original sheet by holding the CTRL key and dragging the original sheet's tab.


    Right-click the tab, choose Move or Copy and then select the Create a copy checkbox.

  2. Rename the new sheet by right-clicking its tab and choosing Rename.
    • Worksheet names can be up to 31 characters.
  3. Delete raw data (don't delete the formulas!).
    • Ignore errors: Your formulas may suddenly produce errors, but that is OK! Don't worry... once data is entered on the sheet, the errors will begin to disappear.

This method is generally the most effective way to copy a worksheet, however it does limit the copying of cell contents to 255 characters per cell. Therefore, if you have cells with greater than 255 characters, you will receive a warning to this effect when you copy the sheet. Go ahead and copy the sheet anyway, so that the sheet, columns, rows, names, and formatting is copied correctly. Then, do a second copy and paste of just the cells. To do this, return to the source sheet and press CTRL+A. Then choose Copy. Return to the newly copied sheet and select cell A1. Choose Paste.

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