Copy macros between documents or templates

To copy macros between documents and templates, use the Organizer.

  1. Choose Tools → Templates and Add-Ins.
  2. Click the Organizer button.
  3. Click the Macro Project Items tab.

In the Organizer dialog box, you can open any two templates (or documents).

To open two documents or templates:

  1. Click Close File to close the document or template currently being displayed.
  2. The button changes to Open File. Click Open File and browse to select the template or document you wish to open.

You can then delete, rename or copy macros between the templates. Macros are stored in modules. A module may contain one or more macros. When you use the Organizer to copy modules, you are copying all of the macros contained in that module. The default module name is New Macros.

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