Convert a pseudo template--a boilerplate document--to a real template

  1. Choose File → Open and open the boilerplate document.
  2. Immediately choose File ? Save As.
  3. Select from the Save as Type drop-down list:
    • For Word: Document Template (*.dot).
    • For Excel: Template (*.xlt).
    • For PowerPoint: Design Template (*.pot).
  • You can now leverage all of the features of real templates.

    In Word, templates are especially powerful, as they contain styles, AutoText, macros, keyboard and toolbar customizations.

  • Be sure to get rid of the original boilerplate document so you're not tempted to use it any more. Archive it, delete it, move it, or rename it. Do something so you're not tempted to use it incorrectly ever again.
  • From this point forward, use the File ? New command to start new documents based on the template
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