Control AutoCorrect and AutoFormat using the AutoCorrect options button

When an AutoCorrect or AutoFormat feature is applied to your document, an AutoCorrect Options button appears next to the change. You can use this button to control the AutoCorrect or AutoFormat feature that was just applied.

AutoCorrect Options menu

  1. Click the drop-down arrow on the AutoCorrect Options button.
  2. Make a selection.
    • Undo reverses the change, but leaves the feature enabled so that it will affect text you type in the future. This is the equivalent of the Undo command or Ctrl+Z.
    • Stop turns off the feature. This is the equivalent of choosing Tools → AutoCorrect Options and deselecting the feature's check box.
    • Control AutoCorrect Options takes you to the AutoCorrect dialog box where you can make changes to this or any other feature. It is the equivalent of choosing Tools ? AutoCorrect Options.

Sometimes, the AutoCorrect Options button is "collapsed" and difficult to see. It appears as a small blue rectangle underneath the change that was made.

  1. Point at the word that changed and the blue rectangle appears.

    AutoCorrect Options button

  2. Point at the blue rectangle and the AutoCorrect Options button appears, at which point you can click the button to see its menu.
Not every change made by AutoCorrect and AutoFormat will cause the AutoCorrect options button to appear. For this reason, it's important to remember: if something changes automatically, use Tools ? AutoCorrect Options to control the feature.

The AutoCorrect Options buttons are generally quite useful. However, if you wish to prevent them from appearing, choose Tools ? AutoCorrect Options, click the AutoCorrect tab, and deselect Show AutoCorrect Options button.

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