Consumers Not Ready for E-Commerce

Businesses have some hurdles to overcome before e-commerce becomes widespread. Graph 3 shows the results of a study by Cyber Dialogue: Most people are amenable to providing some types of personal information*but not credit card information*at Web sites. However, a report from Statistical Research Incorporated (SRI) suggests that Web users are often loath to share any personal information. The SRI study found that 65 percent of relatively long-time Web users and 72 percent of new surfers abandon a site when they learn that it requests personal information. More than half of the SRI respondents said that they were "very concerned" about credit card fraud over the Internet, the selling or sharing of personal information by Web site operators, and cookies that track Internet usage. In yet a third survey, which Ipsos-Reid conducted in 16 countries, 46 percent of the adults said that the potential for online credit card fraud is a major concern, and 26 percent said it's a moderate concern.

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