Connecting Cortana to Your Microsoft Health Account

Connecting Cortana to Your Microsoft Health Account

Microsoft provides you with the option to connect Cortana on your Windows 10 devices to your Microsoft Health account. This is particularly useful for those Microsoft Band owners who want Cortana to provide instant insights into their fitness and wellness goals. By connecting Cortana to the Microsoft Health account you can enlist Cortana to view your current stats which should help remind you to step away and perform an activity or two, and pull in historical data (eventually).

Here's how to connect Cortana to your Microsoft Health account:

  1. If you’re a recognized Microsoft Health user and have never connected the accounts before, you can open Cortana and page down to the bottom of your Cortana “cards” and see the following message:

  1. If you’re not a Microsoft Health user already or Windows 10 somehow doesn’t recognize that you already have an account, you can still connect Cortana with Microsoft Health by going into Cortana’s Notebook and connecting there:

  1. Whichever method you use, click on the Connect button in the Connected Account pane and then sign-in (or create an account) to your Microsoft Health account:

  1. Agree to the terms and you’re ready to go:

You will now start to see Health and Fitness cards in your Cortana Notebook.


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