Configure the macro security level

Word will automatically allow you to run macros you created. However, if you attempt to run a macro created by another user, or if another user attempts to run a macro created by you, it is unlikely to be successful.

By default, Word's high level of macro security prevents macros from running, as a precaution against harmful macros.

To configure Word's security level for macros:

  • Choose Tools → Macros ? Security.
You must close Word and restart Word for the change in security level to take effect.

The Security dialog box allows you to specify a security level.

Security dialog box

High and Very High security settings allow only trusted macros, which must be configured by a network administrators. Typically, to allow macros to run, you will need to lower the security level. Of course, by lowering the security level, you are increasing the risk that a malicious macro could affect your system.

The Medium security level allows you to run macros. If you open a document containing macros, you will be prompted to enable or disable the macros in the document.

Security Warning dialog box

If you enable macros, you will be able to run them. If you disable macros, you will not be able to run macros until you close the document, re-open it, and enable macros.

By configuring Medium security level, you are opening up a chance for harmful macros to affect your system. Word allows certain macros to run automatically when opening a document. A malicious macro could be configured to run automatically. Be extremely careful about enabling macros in documents. Enable macros only in documents that come from trusted sources.

It is highly discouraged to configure Low macro security.
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