Compare All Fitness Wearables with InKin’s Resource

Compare All Fitness Wearables with InKin’s Resource

I’ve talked about Inkin before, covering the social fitness service since it kicked-off with Microsoft Band support in January of this year. Essentially, Inkin is a service that allows Microsoft Band owners (and a stack of other devices) to connect with other fit-minded people all over the world to compete against in each in fitness wars. It’s a great service that just keeps getting better. If you’re not familiar with it already, you should check it out. Competition is a great way to push yourself toward new PRs and better fitness.

I’ve spent so much time using the competition service that I’ve missed out on some other pieces of value that Inkin provide. Surfing through the rest of the web site I found a really great fitness wearable resource. This resource lists out and describes most of the fitness wearables available on the market today. But, then it goes one better – it gives you the option to choose wearables you’re interested in and builds a real-time comparison matrix.

I plan on spending a few hours going through this resource over the upcoming long weekend.

See what I mean. Here’s the resource:

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