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Best Voter Comment:
Back in the days of Exchange 5.5, we struggled with bloated stores and were forced to come in on weekends and do defrags. I have to admit that I focused on the store size and didnâ??t pay attention to errors and warnings and worked another weekend to defrag my stores and caused a major corruption. After working with Redmond support I was able to get things live. Then I discovered GOexchange a few years ago before we migrated to Exchange 2003 and now I never worry. Every time we run the product it comes back with new problems that it corrected. I swear by this tool. The support department is awesome too, not outsourced, and theyâ??ll help you get things resolved.

Antispam Solutions for Business
(from the January 2007 Buyerâ??s Guide, InstantDoc ID 94326)

IronPort Systems C-Series
Email Security Appliance

Barracuda Networks Barracuda
Spam Firewall 400

Postini Perimeter Manager Enterprise

Change and Configuration Management Tools
(from the August 2006 Buyerâ??s Guide, InstantDoc ID 50620)

Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 R2

Altiris Client Management Suite

HP OpenView Configuration Management Solutions

Best Voter Comment:
Iâ??ve been with SMS since 1.2 days (boy, was that hard at times), and am glad that Microsoft finally decided with 2003 that they were going to not only continue the lineage but actually spend some time and resources improving the product. Itâ??s finally reached the stage where we keep wanting more from the product rather than just asking for it to work as promised, so the maturing has come with age (hey, it only took a dozen years).

Exchange Management Software
(from the October 2006 Buyerâ??s Guide, InstantDoc ID 93229)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack for MOM 2005

Lucid8 GOexchange

PROMODAG Reports for Microsoft
Exchange Server

Host-Based Intrusion Prevention Systems
(from the March 2006 Buyerâ??s Guide, InstantDoc ID 49076

Symantec Critical System Protection

eEye Digital Security Blink Endpoint Vulnerability Prevention

McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention 6.0

iSCSI Storage Arrays
(from the April 2006 Buyerâ??s Guide, InstantDoc ID 49404)

HP ProLiant Storage Server with iSCSI Feature Pack

Adaptec Snap Server Series

Dell EMC AX100i

KVM over IP Switches
(from the February 2006 Buyerâ??s Guide, InstantDoc ID 48825)

Black Box Network Services
ServSwitch Series

Avocent DSR Series

Raritan Computer Dominion Series

Light Database Tools
(from the March 2007 Buyer’s Guide, InstantDoc ID 95091)

Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Express Edition

Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Compact Edition


Network Monitoring Tools
(from the December 2006 Buyer’s Guide, InstantDoc ID 93841)


Quest Spotlight on Active Directory

TNT Software ELM Enterprise Manager

SharePoint Antivirus Solutions
(from the July 2006 Buyer’s Guide, InstantDoc ID 50312)

Symantec AntiVirus 4.3 for Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Antigen for SharePoint

Trend Micro PortalProtect for SharePoint 1.6

Two-Factor Authentication Tokens
(from the June 2006 Buyer’s Guide, InstantDoc ID 49938)

RSA USB Authenticator 6100


Entrust USB Tokens

Best Voter Comment:
I’ve been involved in a few projects incorporating the RSA two-factor authentication products and have always found them a powerful addition to the overall solution. This is especially true in solutions with remote VPN access or email access with Microsoft ISA Server, which includes the RSA agent in the shipped software, allowing for very easy integration. Being the industry leader in two-factor authentication definitely helps in integration projects.

Ultra-Portable Laptops
(from the January 2006 Buyer’s Guide, InstantDoc ID 48496)

IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad X Series

Dell Latitude XI

Sony VAIO T Series Notebook

Best Voter Comment:
Now that I’ve had a taste of what IBM/Lenovo delivers, I won’t even think about other vendors’ products without first comparing them to IBM/Lenovo products. I used to be an HP fan, but I’ve found that HP’s support has gone down the drain, and the company doesn’t build the same kind of quality into its products that it has in the past. I had to send in one product six times before HP got it right. I hope others have had better luck.

Essential UPS
(from the May 2006 Buyer’s Guide, InstantDoc ID 49708)

APC Smart-UPS Series

Belkin F6C100, F6C1250, and F6C1500

Tripp Lite SmartPro Series

Best Voter Comment:
I’ve used the APC units for over 10 years and always found them very reliable. Other than the batteries eventually failing like all batteries do after 4 to 5 years of continuous use (boy, do they get heavy after lugging them all over the place to replace), my only complaint would be the management software. We use the business edition but find that some of the history graphs for the units are only retained for 24 hours, which isn’t much good when you’re trying to diagnose an intermittent problem.

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