Command Window Copy and Paste

Most Windows users know how to use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste text. However, you can't use this trick to copy text that you want to paste into a command window. If you use Ctrl+C to copy text and try to use Ctrl+V to paste the text in a command window, only ^V will appear on the screen. To paste the text, you need to select Edit, Paste from the command window's system menu.

A shortcut is to use Ctrl+C to copy the text, then simply right-click in the command window to paste the text. To enable this shortcut, you must first select Properties from the command window's system menu. Select the QuickEdit Mode check box on the Options tab and click OK. In the Apply Properties dialog box that opens, select Save properties for future windows with same title and click OK.

Other Copy and Paste tips. See also, "How do I cut/paste information in a command box?"

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