China OS Top 6 Features?

China OS Top 6 Features?

With reports rolling in that China is putting together its own, state-sponsored operating system, some may find it a bit comical coming from a country leading the world in pirated software and "repurposed" and reverse-engineered intellectual property mined from foreign technologies. Or, that the country also is reported to be the center of the modern day hacking universe.

But, what could an OS developed by China look like? What features might it include? What could it be called?

Let's take a somewhat humorous look (possible groaner warning):

  • Red Screen of Death (RSOD). It's certain the OS will come with its own share of problems. As Windows produces a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), could we see a red error message screen for the China OS emblazoned with the country flag that plays the national anthem?
  • In-OS Ads Funneling Money Straight to the Government. Could we see: Click-to-Buy Your Imprisoned Family Member a Cup of Hong Cha (Black Tea)? The non-capitalistic (communist) government has to make money somehow. Or, "snatch the pebble" to win a front seat for the Dragon Boat Races?
  • One-click foreign government hack attacks. What better way to bolster the country's already formidable hacking prowess than to crowd-source remote invasions.
  • Windows XP-X. China was not happy when Windows XP reached end of life. It's highly possible the new OS will look strikingly familiar. Could they simply re-release Windows XP, just with Chinese branding coded in?
  • Red Squares: Not to be outdone by Microsoft's modern, tiled-interface, could the new OS introduce a squared, touch-friendly interface?
  • Badaling: the Great Firewall. Badaling is the most frequented, touristy section of the Great Wall of China so it makes sense China might attempt to brand its network protection software to promote country loyalty and pride.

The new OS is scheduled to release in October and pricing has not been reported. It could be free for all we know. However, wouldn't it be ironic if the same country leading in pirated software was faced with having to deal with unlicensed software usage?

What do you think the China OS will look like? Will you try it?

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