Change the default font of a template

  1. Choose File → New and select the template you wish to modify
    • Choose Blank Document to change
  2. Choose Format ? Font
  3. Select the font.
  4. Click Default.

    A message appears asking you to confirm that you are changing the default settings for the template.

  5. Click Yes.
  6. Close the document.
    • When asked if you want to save changes to the document, click No. It is an empty document that does not need to be saved. The change to the defaults has been applied to the template.
  7. If you are prompted to save changes to your template, choose Yes.
    • By default, Word should automatically save changes to the Normal template, but some systems are configured to prompt before savings. You can control this prompt using the Tools ? Options command. On the Save tab, select or deselect Prompt to save Normal template. We recommend that you deselect this option, so that Word automatically save changes to the Normal template without prompting you for confirmation.
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