CES 2016: What it was like at CES Unveiled


Monday's CES Unveiled gave reporters and analysts the opportunity to prowl the show flow and get hands-on demos of new products.

Some trends soon emerged: The issue of transporting your many mobile devices in some sort of organized fashion, across a variety of conditions, is becoming more evident and there are more solutions to address it. Manufacturers are looking for new ways to get people excited about storage, rebranding it as an alternative to streaming media or calling it a personal cloud. And a lot of wearables aim to help you sleep better, move better and monitor every little bodily quirk. The monitoring isn't even confined to you -- there's now tech out there to let you see what other people in your care are up to.

Striking across all product categories? A model that relies on three parts: The user's smartphone, a proprietary app, and a proprietary piece of hardware. For people who want smart homes, smart sleep and smart entertainment, that's asking to manage a lot of separate devices and to install a lot of apps that need regular attention.

Here's a quick look at some of the products you're likely to run across this year.

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