Certifiable Q&A for August 10, 2001

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Questions (August 10, 2001)
Answers (August 10, 2001)

This week's questions cover topics for Exam 70-210: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional.

Questions (August 10, 2001)

Question 1
You're preparing a report for your supervisor about Windows 2000 Professional. Your company is currently running Windows 95 on all of its desktops, and your supervisor wants to know what benefits the company will receive by migrating the desktops to Win2K Pro. Which of the following would be benefits of running Win2K Pro instead of Win95? Choose all that apply.

  1. Unlike Win95, Win2K Pro doesn't require an additional Win2K Server Terminal Services Client Access License (TCAL).
  2. Unlike Win95, Win2K Pro is a Plug-and-Play (PnP) OS.
  3. Unlike Win95, Win2K Pro supports disk quotas without the use of third-party software.
  4. Unlike Win95, Win2K Pro supports file encryption without the use of third-party software.
  5. Unlike Win95, Win2K Pro supports both the FAT32 and NTFS file systems.

Question 2
Your company uses Active Directory (AD) and has a disaster recovery plan that includes providing fault tolerance for your servers and backing them up on a regular basis. Donna, a user in your company, is very concerned about the data on her computer, which runs Windows 2000 Professional. She wants to make sure she can recover her data if her computer's hard disk fails. You reassure her that you can take several steps to prevent data loss in the event of a hard disk failure. Which of the following steps can you take to help ensure that Donna doesn't lose her data? Choose all that apply.

  1. Install an additional hard disk in the computer and create a mirror set (or mirrored volume) to provide fault tolerance.
  2. Install an additional hard disk in the computer and create a stripe set with parity (or RAID 5 volume) to provide fault tolerance.
  3. Have Donna store as much data as possible on the company's servers using features such as Folder Redirection.
  4. Install a tape backup device on the computer and use the Windows Backup utility to back up Donna's data.

For the correct answer and an explanation, go to Answers and scroll down to "Answer to Question 2."

Question 3
Windows 2000 Professional lets you start processes at different priorities from the command line using the following command:

start /priority process

where "priority" has the value "High," "Low," "Normal," or "Real-Time," and "process" is the process that you want to start. Which of the following represents the correct order for these parameter values from lowest priority to highest priority?

  1. Low, Normal, High, Real-Time
  2. Low, Normal, Real-Time, High
  3. Low, Real-Time, Normal, High
  4. Real-Time, Low, Normal, High
  5. Real-Time, Normal, Low, High

Answers (August 10, 2001)

Answer to Question 1
The correct answer is A, C, D, and E—Windows 2000 Professional doesn't require a Win2K Server Terminal Services Client Access License (TCAL). In addition, Win2K Pro supports disk quotas, file encryption, and both the FAT32 and NTFS file systems. Windows 95 doesn't support any of these features with the exception of the FAT32 file system, which Win95 OEM Service Release 2 (OSR2) supports. Both Win2K and Win95 offer Plug-and-Play (PnP) functionality.

Answer to Question 2
The correct answer is C and D—You can use Windows 2000 Professional's Folder Redirection feature to encourage users to save more of their data on the network's servers. You can implement Folder Redirection through the use of group policies. However, be aware that you can only redirect certain folders (e.g., the My Documents folder) using this feature.

You can use the Windows Backup utility on a computer running Win2K Pro. However, you can use other types of fault tolerance such as mirror sets (or mirrored volumes on dynamic disks) or stripe sets with parity (or RAID 5 volumes on dynamic disks) only with Win2K Server.

Answer to Question 3
The correct answer is A—The Start command lets you start a process (e.g., Notepad) from the command line. The various parameters start the process with the associated priority:

Low: 4
Normal: 8 
High: 13
Real-Time: 24

Starting a process with the Real-Time priority can have negative ramifications, including causing the system to freeze up because the system is devoting too much processor time to one process. Only administrators can start a process in Real-Time.

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