Can Ya DIGA These Panasonic DVD Recorders?

Panasonic introduced four new DVD recorders to its DIGA line of DVD recorders. The 2004 DIGA line marks Panasonic’s fifth generation of DVD recorders. Two of the new models, DMR-E85H and DMR-E65, feature the TV Guide On Screen (TVGOS) Electronic Programming Guide (EPG), and the DMR-E75 marks the debut of a dual DVD Recorder/VHS deck to the Panasonic DIGA family. The DMR-E85H features a built-in 120GB hard disk that can hold 284 hours of programming. The DMR-E55 completes the DIGA line. This year’s DIGA models feature a new Direct Navigator that simplifies the process of previewing recorded programs. All DIGA DVD recorders support recordable DVD-RAM and DVD-R, and will also play DVD-Video, music CDs, video CDs, and CD-R/CD-RW and MP3-formatted discs. All the Panasonic DIGA DVD Recorders are progressive-scan players, which ensures optimum picture quality when viewing DVD movies.

The 2004 DIGA line continues to offer enticing Panasonic features, such as Time Slip, Chasing Playback, Simultaneous Record & Play, One Touch Two-Way Dubbing, and Relief Recording (on the hard disk models). The Time Slip feature lets you replay a scene recorded 30 seconds earlier without disrupting the recording process. With Chasing Playback, you can also view the recorded portion of a live program, from the beginning, while continuing to record that program until its completion. Simultaneous Record & Play lets you view a previously recorded program on a DVD-RAM disc or the hard disk while simultaneously recording a different program. Relief Recording automatically checks the remaining disc space when you're recording onto a DVD-RAM or DVD-R disc. If there’s not enough space, the DIGA video recorder shifts the recording to the hard disk.

The DMR-E85H costs $799.95, the DMR-E65 costs $599.95, the DMR-E55 costs $449.95, and the DMR-E75V costs $599.95.

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