Can I move Microsoft Exchange Server systems between administrative groups?

A. No, even in a native Exchange Server 2003 organization, you can't move servers between administrative groups. However, if you're running Exchange in native mode, you can move mailboxes between administrative groups. To work around the inability to move Exchange servers between administrative groups, you can delete the server and recreate it from scratch by performing the following steps:

  1. Remove all resources and mailboxes from the server you want to move (in native mode, you can move the mailboxes to another server temporarily or use Exmerge to export the mailboxes).
  2. Remove the server from the administrative group (i.e., uninstall Exchange).
  3. Rebuild the server and select the new administrative group.
  4. If Exchange is in native mode, move the mailboxes from the temporary Exchange server back to the original server. If you used Exmerge, import the mailboxes and re-link them to the Active Directory (AD) accounts.
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