Bullet and number spacing

To control the spacing between the bullet or number and the text, you can use the ruler.

If the ruler is not visible:

  • Choose View → Ruler to turn the ruler on and off.

In the ruler, a pair of markers represent each level of text.

ruler markers

  • The top marker represents the position of the bullet or number. It is the left margin of the bullet or number.
  • The bottom pointed marker represents the alignment of all text in that level. It is the hanging indent of the text.


To change the spacing between a bullet or number and the text, drag markers on the ruler:

  • Drag the pointed markers away from each other to increase the space between the bullet or number and the text
  • Drag the pointed markers towards each other to decrease the hanging indent.
  • Drag the box beneath the bottom marker to change the indent of the entire bullet. Both the top and bottom markers will move, maintaining the hanging indent.
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