Build 2014 to Introduce Windows on Devices Today

Build 2014 to Introduce Windows on Devices Today

As part of announcements at Build 2014 today, Microsoft is expected to unveil its plans to bring Windows to a variety of devices.

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning a new web site,, went live for only a brief period of time, but it was available long enough to get a peek into tidbits of what Microsoft is proposing to do with Windows over the next year. The web site should go live again as the Build 2014 opening keynote kicks off today. The keynote can be viewed live on Channel 9 at Build 2014 (8:30am-11:30am PDT), and you can browse the finalized session list here.

It's been long rumored that Microsoft will unify the Windows code base, giving developers a common core with which to write-once run-many. Windows, itself, has taken a hit over the past many months, with the new Windows 8 UI starting fire trail which led to even more questions during Satya Nadella's launch of Office for iPad last week. And because a touch-enabled version of Office hit the Apple ecosystem before Windows 8, there's a growing group of people that believe Windows is dead.

However, Microsoft will spend the next few event days, assuring developers that's not the case. And, beyond that, the company is expected to finally unveil plans to bring Windows to more than just smartphones and tablets, but to any Internet-connected piece of technology.

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