By the Book: July 20, 2014

By the Book: July 20, 2014

New content for two of the books

After a few weeks of personal and work travel, respectively, I've jumpstarted my self-publishing efforts. New this week: The first-ever (and very, very incomplete) version of "Surface Pro 3 Field Guide" and a new update to "Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide," both of which I hope to finish over the next few months.

These books will both be available for a fee, most likely the same $2 that I'm charging for "Windows 8.1 Field Guide." I haven't set up the payment stuff yet, so the first several updates to each will be publicly available so you can see how it's progressing and provide feedback if you're interested.

Here's what's happening with the books this week.

Surface Pro 3 Field Guide 0.1

I've been talking about this book-to-come for a while now, but here is a very early peek that includes about two-thirds of the first chapter, "Before You Start," plus a rough outline of the topics I intend to cover in this short Field Guide title. I'm working with Martin McClean on this one, so you can expect some graphical magic, which I'll share soon.

Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide 0.3

The latest update to "Windows Phone 8.1 Field Guide" includes a complete version of the second chapter, "Your New or Updated Phone," plus a few revisions to the first chapter.

Windows 8.1 Field Guide

No updates this week, but I've been working out a topic list for an expansion into more desktop content. You can buy the Windows 8.1 Field Guide from Rafael and me directly for just $2. Or you can buy the book for Amazon Kindle for $4.99.

Xbox Music Field Guide

No updates this week. This book is on hiatus due to the poor quality of the Windows Phone 8.1 app in particular and because of worries that Microsoft may cancel its Xbox-branded non-gaming efforts.

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