Blake's Product Pick of the Week: Lieberman Software Account Reset Console 4.0

I receive dozens of press releases every week. This week, I've found the following product particularly interesting.

Lets Users Reset Their Own Passwords

Lieberman Software announced Account Reset Console 4.0, a Web-based solution that lets users change their own passwords or unlock their own accounts. Account Reset Console creates an audit trail of password changes and can identify and close potential security breaches by automatically disabling accounts that are no longer in use. The solution works with any Microsoft SQL Server database and deploys without installing agents on client systems. Account Reset Console adds a number of new features, which includes flexible scheduling enhancements, filtered user reports, and user emulation for password resets. You can download free, 30-day trial of the software that works on 10 accounts at Lieberman Software's Web site. For more information, contact Lieberman Software at 800-829-6263 or visit the company on the Web at

TAGS: Security
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